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Marius David  is a London-based contemporary artist.


Originally from a small, multicultural area in Romania, Marius graduated in Sociology, and moved to London in 2011 where he developed his career in Interior Design. These two fields influenced his creative approach to art. His sensitive observation and acknowledgment of the astonishing cultural and social diversity of his newly found home on the one hand, and respectively his love for the perfect line, enabled a keen eye for proportions and volumes on the other hand. 


Guided by instinct, a self-taught creative, he has experimented with an array of different techniques, focusing on the minimalistic approach to hard-edge painting. 


Marius' love and sensibility for detail, colour and proportion, his mathematical approach to every piece he produces, is creating a rigorous blueprint by means of which he is expressing the major themes that galvanise him: childhood memories, his own relationship with faith, sexuality and a plethora of mental and emotional states that characterise the human condition.





September 2022 - Park royal Gallery- OPEN 02

October 2021 - The other art fair 

September 2021 - London design festival 

@Marius David
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